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I can't promise I'll be very active. But I have some drawings in the works, and some mono-prints I've made that I'd like to actually post. I should do this more often I think.
Over 500 notifications.


I'm back, I think?

I cleared it all out to start fresh.

I just hate being so busy and not being able to keep up with the things I want to keep up with. I'm going to try harder though I promise.

How has everyone been?
So I've talked about Mirror World many a time on the blog but I thought I would perhaps explain what am doing now as opposed to the first three pages that I've done. In the next batch of pages I'll post some pictures of the process.

So the first three pages I worked on individually from start to finish. Get scripts for page 1, thumbnail page 1, get approval of thumbnail for page 1, scan page 1, ink page 1, color page 1, shade page 1, word balloon page 1 up, and send page 1 to Connie.

As you can imagine I was freaking sick of page 1 by the time I was through. It is so boring to look at the same page day in an and day out for several hours at a time (especially since I am still figuring my process out, it takes way longer than you would think)

So then Connie got me the scripts for pages 4-7. I tried doing page 4 completely differently but I ended up having to start over to not do it SO differently. But while avoiding the redo of 4 I began 5, 6, and 7. Once 7 was drawn out I went and did page 4 again.

So then I currently had 4 pages that had gotten approved and were drawn out and ready to be inked. Do I just work on page 4 or do cycle through the whole batch?

I chose to cycle. I inked all the pages first, then I colored the backgrounds, then I colored the characters (I broke these into pieces as well: clothes, skin color, eyes, eyebrows, hair, etc...cycling through the pages on each part), then I colored the misc items that got missed. Then I straighten up my layers (I need to start doing that as I go) now I'm working on straightening up my edges of the panels, then shading, then word ballooning, then I'm done. So I'm like 85% f the way done with 4 pages! My goal is to finish the batch by Wednesday. Cycling seems to be the way to go, I feel like it moves faster that way.

The even better part is that Connie already got me the scripts for pages 8, 9, and 10 and I already worked with her on the thumbnail and got those approved. So as soon as I am done with these 4 pages I can work on the next three...and I'll post progress updates with pictures!

In order to see the pics when I do this though, you'll have to go to the blog since I don't have a paid dA account!

I'm clearing out all the backlog here on dA and starting fresh. So I'm sorry if I didn't get a chance to comment on anything (especially you kabukikatze) and I will be doing my best to keeping up in the future.

I'm also done with school for the next two months so hopefully there will be art and comics and exercise abounds.

And if you happen to be reading this and are in Phoenix come to the comic-con to booth 747 and see me!
I updated my blog here:…

I have pictures of art and things in my blog that don't really post well into an unpaid account on dA so whenever I blog I'll post a link and I would love for you to follow me if you like what you see!
I'm trying to bust my butt to get my goals done for the month!

I finished my class, so I just need to get my paperwork done and turned in and I will be truly a Arizona certified teacher! Huzzah.

Lot's of good that it will do me if things go awry for next year. oy vey.

Anyhoo running has been going better. My goal for this month was 3 times a week but I did it twice a week so that's good.

Blogging has been pretty regular. Which is something I've wanted to work on!

I just finished my page 2 for Miss Connie's comic so I need to make a preview for that and post it.

I have the idea for my animation and Evan downloaded the software that I need so I just need to bust that out.

Money I wanted to save is saved.

Garage is cleaned.

I had an epic month apparently.

If I can just catch up grading artwork at work next week I'll have set myself up for a brand new February.

I'll post about my animation in the near future documenting the how to of everything :D
Life is just hectic is all.

But no more excuses.

I finally finished my next Creative Grab Bag.

A portrait for a co-worker.

Miss Kabukikatze's Kiriban Prize Pic

And a cover design for the upcoming web comic I will be working on!


All being posted so I can stop making excuses. Blog and Spraygraphic will be uploaded at a later time.
It is coming. I'm trying to catch up on a few things but I have a ton of art things to do and it will get done.

a prize pic.

my next creative grab bag. (and hopefully a couple more!)

drawings for my hubby's game

character designs for a webcomic thing I'm doing with a friend (more on that later!)

also trying to catch up on commenting through dA.

I'm done for right now but still have 23 to comment on. Sorry if I'm spamming you with comments (miss kabukikatze I'm lookin' at you!)
The beautiful red-headed seductress that is kabukikatze was my 1,000th kiriban winner.

She gets fantastic art of her request.

She has not made my life easy. :)

All is well though. I shall do it enthusiastically until she is satisfied.

Thanks to everyone for making this syntheticplatypus site so successful.
Yes, I know I haven't posted anything.

No, I haven't forgotten.

This card I've been working on off and on for a while is perplexing me and I'm thinking in going into an entirely new direction. So, we'll see. I would like to finish hopefully this weekend or beginning of next week because Wednesday, the 4th...I start meetings for school again!


I did have a question for everyone as well.

I've created a few things with sewing and would like to show it off to everyone but I'm really working on keeping this more "professional arting" I don't want to overload it like I did with sarapuu. But I don't want to put them in scraps either.

So question 1.

Is there a way to post directly into a folder on dA and not have it on my front page?

2) If yes to #1, then how?

3) If there is not, would you prefer to see them on my blog? or my spraygraphic account? For spraygraphic I could automatically put all of them in a single folder. On the blog it would be show one by one on the post.

4) Do you have a better idea?

Let me know!

Also please don't forget the kiriban! I'm currently in the late 800's...1,000 will be coming up sooner rather than later!
So, it looks like I am going to hit 1,000 hits sooner rather than later.

Which really just boggles my mind. It took so long to get anywhere with my sarapuu account and this Kiriban will probably happen within the next month or two. Which is amazing to me.

So, if you are my 1,000 pageview visitor, screenshot it and tell me something to draw! Because that is what you will get as a prize!

That's right, 1000th view, a PRIZE.

You all want one right?

And as always, while I post a lot of my journal entries up here there are a few surprises still on my<--- BLOG, so go there or be square.

Good luck to you all on the Kiriban!
Now you are looking at the title for this blog entry and thinking: "...what?"

Now that would be what I was thinking when I encountered these very items.

Let me explain.

The other week I had my follow up Doctors Appointment (everything is fine, I worried for nothing). As Evan and I were leaving the office I pulled out the wrong way into a gas station that is in front of the building center. So as I pulled around to go out the other way I saw something on the ground and I came up to next to it and opened my door.

A wallet and a phone! Holy Crap!

I picked up both and pulled into a parking spot at the gas station. Now as luck would have it I was just reading about what to do when you find a wallet or phone from The Simple Dollar.

So I went inside to the gas station and told the clerk I found a wallet and phone and I wanted to leave my contact information. She told me that the guy has just come in 15 minutes ago in a panic. I gave her my name and number and told her that I hoped he came back.

I went back to the car and started going through the contacts of the phone, hoping to find a "mom" or "dad" number to call. Evan started going through the wallet. There were no credit cards and no money (hopefully no one had taken it) but there was a mint condom that Evan pulled out (which we had a good laugh at)and then a small bag of what I could only assume was a bud of weed. (o_o)

Well, I wanted to get everything back to that guy ASAP because I was not keeping this around. Especially when one of the numbers was "House of Toke" so I punched in the guy's address from his license and found it was only 5 minutes from the station and since Evan was with me, I figured we could drop it off at his house.

Well as we were pulling out a car pulled in and rolled down his window and started to ask something of the maintenance men that were working around the gas station.

I told Evan that this had to be the guy. So I pulled up next to him and asked if he was looking for something. He said a wallet and phone and I handed it over to him. He looked like he was gonna cry from happiness. He asked where we found it (on the ground) and then I told him I was going to drop it off at his address. He threw a couple "God Bless You's" at me and we drove off on our merry way.
Today I would like to talk about my job as an elementary art teacher.

I finished all the grading and cleaning out of my classroom with plenty of time to spare. I worked on everything on and off all the last week of school and by Friday (the day after the kid's last day) I was able to come in the morning and completely check out for the school year. I had a meeting at 9 am with my arts boss and the rest of the arts peoples so after I was done at school I hopped off to my meeting.

Not a good meeting.

I'll spare you the details but essentially here is what is happening to me next year, because they screwed up. (I'm being nice when I say it that way, btw.) I will be working four days a week teaching elementary art for 50 minute class periods (oy, kindergarten...I'm still trying to figure that one out) and then on the fifth day I will be subbing.


I think I'll let everyone draw their own conclusions on how I feel about this, because I do like my job and would like to keep teaching.

I dragged most of my own belongings out of the classroom and brought them home so I could sort and organize throughout the summer. It's a bunch of stuff and I really just threw it in boxes, I need to go through it more. I did try to sort as I packed but by the end I was just throwing things into boxes.

I will say on the bright side I do get to stay at the school I've been at, so yay for that. My principal is still my principal and my good friend Amanda is still there as well. (she teaches choir, goooo arts!)

So the only things left is too sort some stuff, call about adding the hubby to my insurance to see how much that costs (he is currently freelancing, employed freelancing's not code for unemployed), and then change my name over once I put all the official paperwork in.

So hooray for a new post, yes?

[x] I spend most of my time reading, gaming, or on the computer
[x] I wear glasses
[ ] I correct people on their grammar and spelling in texts
[ ] I have studied Latin
[ ] I can recite the first ten digits of pi

Total so far: 2/5

[ ] I do homework when I don't need to
[ ] I have more friends online than I do in real life
[x] I have braces/ have worn braces
[x] I enjoy browsing the dictionary to get a bigger vocabulary (my poor elementary students have no idea what I'm saying a lot of the time!)
[ ] I own/owned a fake lightsaber
[ ] My math teacher and I are friends

Total so far: 4/10

[ ] The last time I was invited to a party was several years ago
[x] People come to me to ask me about LOTR ( my dad always calls me for the crossword clues, believe me it's always an Ent or and Orc)
[x] I have written Fan Fiction (does it make it better if I dreamed it, then wrote it down?)
[ ] I noticed that there has been no punctuation until the line above this.
[ ] I have watched every Star Trek movie

Total so far: 6/15

[ ] I am in love with Tom Baker, David Tennant, or Matt Smith. You get an extra point if you're male.
[ ] I've never been asked out on a date
[ ] I know what "http" stands for
[ ] I have acne and/or really pale skin- possibly from sitting in front of a computer (I get complemented on my complexion all of the time and living in AZ, one just TANS)
[x] I have 5+ songs from video games in my iTunes library

Total so far: 7/20

[x] I have attended a comic con (Just this weekend, actually)
[ ] I have attempted learning a fake language, such as Elven or Dwarf
[x] I freaked out when I discovered that krypton was an actual element (it is? I think I blocked out my periodic table)
[ ] I play more than one instrument
[x] Nobody has ever heard of the music I listen to.

Total: 10/25

Only 10 out of 25? Apparently I've been living a lie. Ah well, on to the next.

Basically we have here, a variant of the "Tell us about yourself" meme, and the rules are as follows.

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 10 things about yourself in your journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons in the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

1) Once I met Evan it was about one major life event a month. (get together, away weekend, move-in together, joint checking account, dog, parent meeting, engagement, ect.)

2) My favorite color used to be pink, it is now orange.

3) I'm one of the youngest teacher's at my school (and I think for some of the people I am disliked because of that!)

4) I used to collect copious amounts of manga. While I still love it I have found that putting myself in with the stereotypical "otaku tweens"  that frequent the borders and barnes and nobles...I just can't do it anymore. I feel like an idiot. I only get two mangas anymore. Yotsuba& and Nana

is it bad I'm having trouble talking about myself? onward.

5) I have a terrible dislike for tomatoes, even though I love everything made with tomatoes.

6) I have taken 3 full years of spanish in high school, a semester in college, and now live in a state that is next to mexico and yet I can barely speak spanish.

7) My dog Gala cheers me up as soon as I get home, she is an absolute freak and always does the funniest stuff.

8)If I had to pick things to watch all the time I would always watch documentaries. I even went to see "Babies" in the theater.

9)The heat still makes me insanely sleepy. I fall asleep all the time in the summer!

10) I'm the happiest I've ever been.

Anyone who hasn't been tagged is tagged I guess, if you want to be!
I know it was Mother's Day yesterday but I texted my dad and it was too hilarious to not share.

So yesterday, I made a clothes line hanging under my back porch roof. Now you ask, "Why on earth would you do that?" Well, because I live in Arizona and it's 97 outside and I am inside using a clothes dryer that doesn't work very well. I was sick of it.

So I made the clothes lines, and took a picture and sent it to my dad. I do these things because I like them to know what is up in my life.

Now mind you my dad is originally from Kentucky, and here is his reply:

"Congrats you are an honorary hillbilly"

to which I say:

"Oh hush. I'm 'green' for the environment."

Dad says:

"Yeah, hillbillies were ahead of their time."


LOVE IT.… The Blog
I must admit something.

I am a bit of a voyeur. Not the pervy kind but the kind that likes to people watch in public. The kind that likes to look at what you eat and what you buy and how your clothing looks.

It's how I learn. How I have always learned really. Do what the seemingly successful people are doing and don't do what the rest are doing.

Well, I am sad to admit that I have become a bit of a Walmart shopper on a regular basis. It's out of budgeting and necessity! I swear. I didn't use to shop there because they didn't have anything Evan could eat but as the world becomes more health conscious the more food Evan can actually eat.

So we shop very carefully and buy things we actually have on the list. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies (I'm amazed at Walmart's veggies, honestly, super cheap super fresh and it's not all pre-packaged you can buy it by the pound) and non-processed foods. We like to cook and shopping helps that...we don't shop to not cook.
Yes, I said cart not art. This post has nothing to with art but I was proud of it so I'm cross posting. :)

By the end of our shopping experience we have a cart full of veggies, fruits, 100% juices, water, and a bevy of other ingredients that are healthful. I love our cart. Evan and I always look at are cart and say what a good job we did and how awesome our cart is (we truly do this and congratulate each other on such a nice cart...I never said I wasn't an absolute dork). Then if we found something we wanted that we couldn't get at Walmart we head to Whole Foods.

So now we get to the other carts in the store. Now I know Walmart on the whole is not the best example of where you can buy the best food. But I swear to you looking at the other carts out there. These people have NO CLUE. Frozen pizzas, two liters of pop, gallons of ice cream, and boxes upon boxes of macaroni and cheese.

It's enough to make one a bit sick, really.

So it makes me ask these couple questions.

Are you proud of your cart?


Would you show your mother your cart?
So I had a bit of fun today.

I out nerded a dude that works in a comic book store.


Yeah so I was perusing in the store and I found two new Neil Gaiman books (children's ones, not even a comic) and one was on a really tall shelf so I had this guy get it down for me. He ended up checking me out at the counter. (not checking me out per se...even though he could have been)

So he told me he was always meaning to read the Sandman series the Gaiman wrote years back and he asked where would be a good place to start with the Gaiman world. I told him that you can't go wrong with Sandman as these themes throughout a lot of his books.

He then asked me if I knew that he had just written a Batman book and I said yes, I know "Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader?" which I own and was fantastic. H told me cool and he asked if I knew about the artist who did the covers to the Sandman series, and I said sure, Dave McKean. Did I know about Arkham Asylum that he did? Oh yes, I say, and I own that as well.

I then told him I owned all of the Sandman, several novels, a few movies based on those, his children's books, an autobiography, and the biography about Douglas Adams he wrote.

The guy behind the counter seemed pretty put out that he couldn't turn me on into any new Gaiman material.

I thought it was hilarious.
So a couple of weeks ago I saw this HILARIOUS Youtube Video about "Academy Award Winning Movie" and it cracked me up. Then Evan and I were talking and he thought I hadn't seen it so he brought it up and I told him I had seen it but we watched it anyway.…

Is it Terrible I actually want this move to exist? Because I do ever so much.

So, I ended up at their website Britanick Comedy and much to my pleasant surprise they have more videos. I haven't watched them all quite yet but "Pillow Talk" had me rolling on the floor. I don't know how funny other people would think this is but it's right up my comedy alley.

An excerpt from their About Us:

"BriTANicK screamed into existence in early 2008 when Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher decided that they didn’t want to use the knowledge and experience they garnered in college for anything but creating short stupid videos that would make them laugh."

Sheer brilliance. I'm glad they did. You should go check them out, it's a good way to kill some time and unwind and really there are much worse things in life besides laughing a bit.
Prologue: 'm not sure if most of you know that these journal entries are cross posted at my blog www.syntheticplatypus.blogspot… just in case you wanted to know!

So I belong to a group of Geek Girls here in AZ. They are a wonderful bunch of intelligent (and hot!) women who like to get together, have fun, and not bitch and back stab at each other. Which really, has been my whole problem with finding long lasting girlfriends with the exception of a few.

So last night I went to a Goal Setting Meeting about Time Management. This meet-up is run by Shauna who is trying to create a whole program about setting goals and getting people to pay for it. Lucky for me, it's free to the Geek Girls.

So, last month we talked about goal setting and this month it was keeping our goals during such hectic times. Shauna gave us a lot of good ideas on how to stop making excuses and asking why we procrastinate or are so busy.

So, I'm gonna use a few of her ideas and apply them to my "rocks" which was from "7 habits of Highly Effective People" and you have to take the big ricks (the stuff that s uber important to you) and put them in your bucket and then fill in the gravel (the day to day drudgery that fills our lives).

My rocks (in no order in particular):


So I want to focus on these in my life and tie my goals in with them.

A few things I'm going to read: and "The 4 Hour Workweek" Also as homework for the group was reading "The Alchemist" which everyone assures me is life changing.

Now my goals for the month!

Finishing 2 art pieces for the month plus an art sketch from life once a week
Socializing with the Geek Girls 5-8 times.
Blogging twice a week!
Weighing four pounds less!
Exercise 3 days of cardio a week and 3 days of weight lifting a week. No time constraints. Plus Wii fit Plus in the mornings.
House stuff: paint our bedroom and office. Evan won't let me clean out the gutters.
Eating habits are being vegetarian every other week.

So here's to the next month!